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Eviction Program

Alpine has you covered!

Despite our best efforts to screen for quality tenants, life circumstances can take a detour, and a previously qualified tenant has now lost his job, going through a divorce or another life changing event. The tenant may be left unable to pay the rent and legal action becomes the only choice available. Legal evictions are most often the result of nonpayment of rent, though evictions are also initiated for other violations of tenancy agreements (i.e. unauthorized tenants, occupants or pets, nuisance violations, drugs, etc.).

Under Alpines' "Eviction Protection Program", we pay all copy charges, filing fees, process server fees, attorney fees, court costs, and the costs of Alpines' representative to appear in court. The Program does not cover the cost of a jury trial or appeal, lost rent or damages. In the many years Alpine has been representing owner's, we have never had a jury trial.

The cost for the Eviction Protection Program is $8 per month per unit. This equals to $96 per year - whereas, the cost of an actual eviction can run anywhere from $400 - $1,000 or more.

This is a standard charge in your contract and is billed yearly in January unless canceled.

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