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FAIR HOUSING: The Alpine Group strictly abides by the Federal, State and Local Fair Housing laws.

RENTAL SCORING: The Alpine Group uses a scoring system which assigns points for certain factors as having a statistical correlation to future financial lease performance. Your rental score is a result of information found in your application and credit report. Because your rental score is based upon real data and statistics, it is more reliable than subjective methods of evaluating your performance. Rental scoring treats all applicants consistently and impartially. Additionally, your rental score never uses certain characteristics like – race, color, sex, familial status, handicap, national original, sexual orientation, or religion - as factors.

APPLICANTS: Each proposed occupant 18 years of age or older must complete a separate application. Our application processing fee is $45 per application. This fee must be paid in cash, money order or cashier’s check.

IDENTIFICATION: Photo identification is required. Please provide us a copy of your driver’s license, military or state ID.

PETS: Most of our properties will consider pets on a case-by-case basis. The final decision to approve your pet(s) is always the property owner. A higher deposit and/or pet rent may be applicable – please view the specific pet criteria for the specific property in which you are applying for. No property will allow any dogs of a perceived vicious breed (or mixture thereof): Pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, German shepherd, etc.

SMOKING POLICY: All of our units are smoke free. No smoking is allowed on the premises, including the garage.

MARIJUANA: The growing or smoking of marijuana is prohibited in all of our properties.


  • All applicants gross income may be combined to meet the requirement of 2.7 times the rent.
  • Please provide us with your last two paycheck stubs or a letter on company letterhead from your employer verifying your income.
  • Self-employed, retired or unemployed applicants will need to provide three (3) month’s of bank statements along with your prior year’s tax return.
  • Large liquid saving/investment accounts may be used to qualify in lieu of income, current balance must equal 3 times the amount of rent paid over a twelve-month lease.
  • Section 8 Housing Vouchers are accepted as verified income and are applied to the household’s monthly income requirements.
  • Other income such as retirement, Social Security, child support, must have reliable documentation if you wish us to consider it.
  • All income must be verifiable to be considered.
  • Gross income less than 2.7 times the rent may result in a higher deposit and/or denial.

CREDIT HISTORY: The Alpine Group will obtain a consumer credit report for each applicant. This report must be generated by The Alpine Group and not the applicant. Although we do evaluate on credit worthiness, we do not use your credit score as the sole determining factor in our decision to approve or decline your application. We use a scoring system based upon real data and statistics to evaluate your credit history. If you are in an active bankruptcy, that will be an automatic denial.


Upon receipt of the rental applications and screening fees, Agent will conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has charges pending for, been convicted of, or plead guilty or no-contest to, any: drug- related crime; person crime; sex offense; crime involving financial fraud, including identity theft and forgery; or any other crime if the conduct for which the applicant was convicted or is charged is of a nature that would adversely affect property of the landlord or a tenant or the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the premises of tenants, the landlord or the landlord’s agent.

A single conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea or pending charge for any of the following shall be grounds for denial of the rental application. If there are multiple convictions, guilty pleas or no contest pleas on the applicant’s record, Agent may increase the number of years by adding together the years in each applicable category. Agent will not consider expunged records.

  • Murder, manslaughter, Class A felonies involving arson, rape, kidnapping, child sex crimes, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 20 years.
  • Criminally negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular manslaughter and Class A felonies not including above for drugrelated crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, financial fraud crimes, burglary, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 10 years.
  • Class B felony for drug-related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, financial fraud crimes, aggravated theft, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 7 years.
  • Class C felony for drug-related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, financial fraud crimes, burglary theft, criminal mischief, coercion, animal abuse, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 5 years.
  • Class A misdemeanor for drug-related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, financial fraud crimes, criminal impersonation, violation of a restraining order, criminal mischief, stalking, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of burglary tools, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred in the last 3 years.
  • Class B misdemeanor for drug-related crimes, person crimes, sex offenses, financial fraud crimes, disorderly conduct, where the date of disposition, release or parole has occurred within the last 18 months.
  • Alpine Group denies admission to a household if any household member is subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a state sex offender registration program.

RENTAL HISTORY: Twelve months of verifiable contractual rental history from a current third-party landlord or home ownership is required.

  • Five years of eviction-free history is required. Eviction actions that were dismissed or resulted in a judgment for the applicant will not be considered.
  • Three or more 72-hours notices within one year will result in denial of the application.
  • Three or more dishonored checks within one year will result in a denial of the application.
  • Rental history reflecting past due rent or an outstanding balance will be denied.
  • If a landlord gives a negative reference or refuses to give a reference, the application will be denied.
  • .


  • TWO persons are allowed per bedroom. Bedrooms are defined as a space primarily used for sleeping, with at least one window and a closet for clothing.
  • Children under the age of two are allowed as a third occupant when the child resides with a parent or other adult with legal custody.


To accommodate a disability, the existing premises may be modified at the full expense of the disabled person, IF the disabled person agrees to restore the premises to the pre-modified condition prior to move-out. BEFORE any modifications can be made, The Alpine Group, Inc. must approve all modifications in writing, and of the contractors performing the modifications. Any permits or licenses needed must be provided to The Alpine Group, Inc. A deposit for the restoration may be required.

FALSE INFORMATION: If any information provided on your application proves to be false or misleading, your application will be denied, and your application fee(s) forfeited. If you have already entered into a rental agreement on the property and we discover that you have provided false information, you will be subject to immediate eviction from the premises.


  • If your application is denied due to negative or adverse credit, you may dispute the report by contacting the credit reporting agency on the denial letter in order to identify who is reporting unfavorable information and request it be corrected, if the information is incorrect.
  • If your application is denied due to rental references or lack of verifiable income; that will be explained when you are contacted.
  • If your application has been denied and you believe you qualify as a resident under the criteria outlined above, you may write us at:
    Equal Housing Opportunity Manager, PO Box 629, Beaverton, OR 97075. Explain the reasons you believe your application should be reevaluated and request a review. Your application will be reviewed within seven (7) business days from the date your letter is received and your will be notified of the outcome.

IF APPLICATION IS APPROVED AND a Rental Agreement is executed, the following verbiage is part of the Rental Agreement

Tenants will be charged a $50 non-compliance fee for the following violations of their Rental Agreement after one written warning, and a $50 non-compliance fee plus 5% of the monthly rent for all subsequent non-compliance.

  • Late payment of utility or service charge owed to manager,
  • Failure to clean up pet waste, garbage, rubbish, or other waste anywhere on the premises except inside tenant’s dwelling.
  • Parking violations and improper use of motor vehicles on thepremises.
  • Smoking in a clearly designated no-smoking unit or area of the premises.
  • Keeping an unauthorized pet capable of causing damages to persons or property. (The fee for a second or any subsequent noncompliance under this subparagraph may not exceed $250. A landlord may not assess this fee before 48 hours after the required warning notice to the tenant).


  • Late fee: Rent is DUE on the 1st of each month and late if not IN our office by the end of day (5:00 PM) on the 4th (fourth).
  • Late fee is 7.5% of Monthly Rent.
  • $35 charge for dishonored/NSF check, plus bank charges
  • $250 for tampering with a smoke alarm and/or Carbon Monoxide Detector

~~ The Alpine Group does not discriminate based on: race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or source of income. We comply with all Federal, State and local laws concerning Fair Housing. ~~

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