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2023 A Year in Review

2023 A Year in Review

The last few years have seen a flurry of action in regard to Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws.  2023 was no exception.  Here is a summary of the new laws landlords will need to follow:

  • Senate Bill 599 - Family Child Care Homes:  SB 599 requires landlords to allow residential dwellings to be used as family child care homes subject to a handful of exceptions. 
  • Senate Bill 611 - Rent Increases:
    • Caps the increase at the lesser of 10 percent or 7 percent plus the CPI.
    • Prohibits rent increases more than once per 12-month period.
    • 2024 Maximum rent increase is 10%.
    • A landlord terminating a tenancy with a 30-day notice without cause as authorized by ORS 90.427 during the first year may not charge rent for the next tenancy in an amount greater than the maximum amount the landlord could have charged the terminated tenancy under this section.
  • Senate Bill 1069 - E-Notices, Return of Monies and Security Deposits:
    • Allows, after the tenancy begins and the tenant has occupied the premises, the new method of "email-and-mail" service.  An addendum with proper language, must be signed by both parties.
    • Return of Monies - Via a written signed addendum, monies can be returned to a tenant electronically to a bank account.  
    • Security Deposit Refunds - Via a written signed addendum, security deposit refunds can be returned via a designated bank account along with requirement documents.
  • House Bill 2001 - Nonpayment of Rent:  
    • Replaced 72-hour notices with 10-day notices.
    • Requires landlords to serve a statutory disclosure notice together with any termination notice related to non-payment (whether it is for rent, utilities, or other charges).
    • Requires the judge to dismiss an FED if the tenant tenders payment before case is called and/or trial date.
    • Requires landlords to participate with a rental assistance program.

What does 2024 hold?  More legislation, more tenant advocacy, and more HUD changes.   Stay tuned!

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