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Repairs - Can't the Tenant Just Fix It?

Tiffany Laviolette - Saturday, October 5, 2013
Property Management Blog
Repairs – can’t the tenant just fix it?  Well, you should not let a tenant make their own repairs. As you know, normal wear and tear in a unit is normal. Leaky faucet, toilets, jammed garbage disposals, plugged bathtub drains are all normal in everyday life. However, sometimes tenant will try to assure us that they can fi...

Timely Repairs

System - Sunday, September 22, 2013
Property Management Blog
The Importance of Timely Repairs  Everyone pretty much knows that maintenance and repairs are a necessary evil of owning real estate; whether it should be your own home or a rental investment. We would like to think that there will never be no “tenant caused” repairs and only minimal maintenance. But we live in the real w...

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