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Timely Repairs

The Importance of Timely Repairs 

Everyone pretty much knows that maintenance and repairs are a necessary evil of owning real estate; whether it should be your own home or a rental investment. We would like to think that there will never be no “tenant caused” repairs and only minimal maintenance. But we live in the real world and repairs and maintenance are to be expected. 

The average life expectancy of appliances, roofs, painting, and carpet are just estimates based on information provided by the manufacturers, what the IRS deems as a depreciable life expectancy, and data provided by surveys of investors of rental properties. 

However, the frequency of turnovers can play a major factor in how long appliances will last. For example, a typical dishwasher should last 10 years. However, we frequently replace dishwasher at the 5-6 year mark. It is a fact that renters can be and usually are harder on appliances, carpeting, flooring, and scuffing the walls! 

We also live in the Pacific Northwest where we experience high rains and winds. Roofs may 
start leaking, shingles may blow off, basements become damp, and mold and mildew can start appearing. With our blasted rains (which I personally love!) it keeps Oregon so green and fresh! Green means a lot of grass which needs to be cut, trees keep growing, leaves fall into gutters, and the maintenance cycle continues. 


A little precaution before a crisis occurs is preferable to a lot of fixing up afterward.

Whether you just purchased your rental investment or have owned your investment for many years, it is better to repair the minor issues now instead of waiting for the problem to fester and cause thousands of dollars of damages. 

Your rental property is a fixed asset that is appreciating year after year. Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a significant investment, and not want to repair a hole in the roof? Or fix some siding issues? Or trim the bushes out front? Alpine will inform you of any needed maintenance and let you know of any deferred maintenance that 
we foresee happening in the future. 

Alpine’s goal is to protect your investment, not only from bad tenants, but from neglecting 
repairs which can cost you dearly down the road. 

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